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Happy birthday Flamingo! (First release: September 3, 2010) 

Flamingo is heavy with tales of desolate landscapes and personal redemption. “As I get older, I have this desire to represent Las Vegas,” he says. “When the Killers first came out, a lot of people thought we were English, and it touched a chord in me, because my roots are very American.” The album’s title is derived from Flamingo Road, a prominent Vegas thoroughfare, far away from the neon lights of the Strip. Sam’s Town casino — the namesake of the Killers’ second album — sits on the road, Flowers’ first job was at the nearby Wynn Country Club, and after work he’d spend his money at Tower Records on Flamingo and Maryland Parkway. “Then it turned into a vintage store and that’s where I met my wife.” It’s not all a lovefest, though. On the track “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Flowers peels back the sheets to reveal Vegas’ underbelly. “There’s the hookers, the drugs, people losing their retirements, all under the façade of these neon lights. It’s kind of a heartbreaker.” (Rolling Stone, June 2010)

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