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So I can’t sleep and I might have been looking up @brandonflowers on Twitter… and it looks like our Mr. Flowers made a fast food run @ Faustos Mexican Grill in Henderson last night.

"Stars, they’re just like us"

(I wonder if that’s B’s HUGE cup of COKE)

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Obsessions of 2013 - Brandon Flowers

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 Brandon has such a beautiful heart. He loves Tana and their boys so much, and he’s loyal and trustworthy and such a great role model not only to his own kids but also to TK’s fans, and their fans’ children. He’s just the perfect man in every aspect. He’s godlike in his looks but he’s immaculate on the inside, too. And he’s such a genius. The songs he’s come up with and the melodies and just everything about him screams intelligence, and that’s so attractive. He’s so true to himself, and he just does as he likes without letting other people intimidate him into changing his ways. We have a star as our idol, the brightest one out there. 

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Still can’t believe that something I said is a quote on tumblr, is this what it’s like to be famous

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This is beautiful ;’)

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BF’s quote of the day #58 – About On The Floor (Flamingo)

"One of the things I’m most thankful that I got from my mother was that she taught me how to pray. And that communication that I have every day. And the benefits that I feel like I receive from it. I’m very thankful for that. And so I think that reflecting on that is where that song came from."

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